Beyond Awkwardness Lies Brilliance: A Practical Guide to Making Shit Happen.

Beyond Awkwardness Lies Brilliance: A Practical Guide to Making Shit Happen.

How many people do you know talk about doing something, and never do it? Are you one of them? Where do you get stuck? Some get stuck in the dreaming; others, the courage to take the first step; others, the decision paralysis and others, the labour it takes to make it happen.

There are some humans, however, who seem to be conduits for making shit happen. Everywhere they go they seem to connect seemingly unrelated puzzle pieces together effortlessly creating something new. How do they do it?

Over the last eight years, Nix Davies, a collaborative conceptual artist, has been investigating the process of creating something from nothing through living experiments of art, creative education and large-scale artworks.

Her curiosity was aroused by the possibility of designing a process that results in a diverse array of ideas that have emerged from the exact same point.


She imagined this process for all people of all ages, a 4 year old girl and an 80 year old man, and all the in-betweens.

The prototypes worked, the logistics behind the concept did not; so she set out to do more research. Over this time she started to draft a book called Beyond Awkwardness Lies Brilliance: A Practical Guide to Making Shit Happen.

During her two months at the Imaginarium she investigated deeper into the theories behind the process, emerging with a rough second draft. ‘The process is very much a part of the way that I work and breath a project to life, so it is important for me to start to communicate this clearly,” she says. The book, which is a tough love poster book, outlines the ten step process clearly.

“There was an amusing dialogue between myself and the ‘Imaginarium’ during this time. It became an awkward conversation between me and space, both searching for a clearer identity. I began to feel as though I was walking around in my mind and the building of the Imaginarium was my skull. I worked in a way that plotted musings visually into their relative compartments which emerged as collections of considerations on the walls and tables around me. People who came in, were physically in my mind.”

Awkwardness is a feeling we avoid, and if we feel it, we want to move away from it as fast as possible. What it does do, is make us incredibly aware and present. Everything we see and feel is amplified. If we can stay longer in this state we can use it as a tool to navigate the unknown; the fertile lands we must travel in the process of creation.

Here are the ten steps on how to create SOMETHING from NOTHING and make shit happen.

You can use them to make a delicious meal or bring a crazy idea to life. Get awkward. Assume nothing. Expect anything. Start small and become big.

  1. BEGIN | START – Take that first step. Embark. Leave your current comfort zone.

  2. CHAOS | INFORMATION – Enter the unknown. The confusion of multiple perspectives and choices.

  3. INTRIGUE | EXPLORE – Follow your curiosity. Trusting your instincts.

  4. INVESTIGATE | DISCOVER – Find treasure; things that excite you. Have faith they will lead you to the right answers.

  5. RESEARCH | COLLABORATE – Dive deeper to understand more. Develop a lust for learning.

  6. COMMIT | ACTION – The sexiest decision you can make at this point in time.

  7. LABOUR | EXPERTISE – Use your hands; the thinking has been done. This is when the concept comes to life.

  8. DOUBT | VULNERABILITY – When you feel these, you are heading in the right direction and you are open to opportunities.

  9. RELEASE | EXPOSE | EXHIBIT – You now have SOMETHING. It is time to show it to the world.

  10. CELEBRATE | GRATITUDE – The most important phase. A moment to appreciate. The pause before you start again.

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