A giant landscape artwork that connects us with nature.

A giant landscape artwork that connects us with nature.

Imaginarium Sweden.

The concept of buying a piece of land together with people was ignited in August 2017. In September, the Radicle Co put in an application to fund a large-scale permanent artwork in Sweden. In November they heard their application had been a success. The concept was the following;

We will buy a piece of land in Sweden, build a giant landscape artwork that connects us with nature and becomes the foundation that knits a community together.

The eye of time

The artwork is inspired by symbols of the eye and the concept of time. The artwork has the shape of an eye and consists of a room and a garden. The pupil is represented by the room, an amphitheater. In the middle of the room is a well of water. The sky is reflected in the surface of the water. It has 12 steps down to the source of the water. The garden is the iris that changes colour and texture over the seasons.

The concept of time is multi-faceted through the use of design and materials. One of the key initiatives was to work with the question,’how could we build something that will last over 1000 years?’. Currently so little is designed this way, however when we look at nature we see that we are surrounded by the ancient that is continuously renewing itself. Trees outlive generations of humans. What if, we began to think and design from the perspective of longevity? How would this influence the way we create in the world?

Using materials to guide design from a concept of time is key in this project. How can it maintain a state of both finished and unfinished? How is it big enough to keep dreaming, yet have components small and significant enough that they are worth celebrating.

Building community

Through the artwork we will grow an exponential community of solutionists, imagineers, creators, philosophers, designers, builders, writers, entrepreneurs who actively choose to step into and exist in the unknown to discover, inspire and instigate new ways to initiate positive change. The place becomes a collection of effervescent dreams lived out in a co-created community on land we own together.

Sketching the idea to life

It all started with an idea. The residency at the Imaginarium was about sketching that idea to life. The positive energy and the foundation that anything is possible, runs through the whole experience.

Slowly the design of the artwork came to life though a process of workshops, community research, conversations, conceptualisation, pictures of inspiration, field trips, drawings, stories, experiments, collaboration-dinners and models. It all boiled down to an exhibition and celebration at the end of the design month.

The idea that we wanted to create intertwined with reality and we ended up living that dream and creating the physical space, a prototype – Studio 111 – Imaginarium Muizenberg.

“Through this experience the fuller concept for the artwork for Sweden emerged. We discovered and now truly believe that imagination is one of the most important skills of the future. We are creating a place devoted to imagination, creativity and living our dreams. We are building an imaginarium,” says Julia.

Water ripple effect

Every human has the capacity to create something extraordinary. The Imaginarium is a place that enables ideas to come to life and expands your imagination. A place that unites people through passion, imagination and collaboration. A loom to weave these stories, dreams and passions to life.

“Being part of the creation of The Imaginarium was for me mind-shifting. Traveling from a dark and cold Sweden leaving a job I didn’t enjoy, arriving in Cape Town and stepping into the unknown together with amazing people made my eyes sparkle again. The biggest lesson learned was how limitless imagination is and how it can take us to new places and create the solutions of tomorrow.” – Julia Andersson

A bit about Julia

Julia is an architect, conceptual artist and co-founder of the experimental group Radicle Collective who is currently working on creating an Imaginarium in Sweden.She graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen.

‘I dream about creating personal experiences through architecture, that inspires to empathy, imagination and the desire to meet. I’m always striving to get the bigger picture, and understand places and how they’re made, dreaming about making memorable events and creating seeds for change.’

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