Imaginarium Muizenburg and the unknown

Imaginarium Muizenburg and the unknown

How did the Imaginarium come about?

A graceful domino effect of synchronicity occurs when we listen to our deep truths and obey their call. During a meditation on the first of January 2018, Nix Davies got a clear message ‘open a studio in Cape Town again’. On her return to South Africa, a few days later, driving back from the airport, she spotted 111 Main Road, fresh clean and empty, and thought, 111, epic number!

In fact the estate agent warned us away from 111 so we opened a temporary first studio further down the road. However, it became clear, early on, that the building was not being cared for. Collaboration with the landlord was tricky, they were taking short cuts that could be felt in the studio. Care and nurture from the foundations are key when setting a space for exponential growth.

The studio was originally needed for a power design month to brain storm a land art project in Sweden with Julia Andersson , Bettina Van Guirk, Felicitas Dagonstin, Nix Davies and Agust Helgason.

There is no better place to be conceptualising than Muizenberg in summer.


During this design month, the concept of an Imaginarium emerged for the Swedish land art project. A place dedicated to the imagination. A geographical conduit that connects people with space; and the imagination with reality. This works in full circle; a space that inspires people to imagine beyond their current realms of understanding and bring these ideas to life.

The Imaginarium Studio became an experimental prototype of what an Imaginarium in Sweden could be. Everybody who is has been and will be a part of the Imaginarium in Cape Town steps into the unknown and helps mould and shape this tangible yet invisible concept. The living experiment is continuously on the evolutionary edge of possibility.

Everything is unknown at some point

Most humans seek comfort and solace in the known, yet we are currently experiencing more change than ever before in the history of humankind. The unknown is where all potentiality exists. It is limitless, eternal and ever expanding. It takes courage to step to the unknown. With courage comes fear and doubt which can become our trusted companions in our surfing of these waves of change. The louder their voices become, the closer we know we are to  the wonder of discovery. The more they wail ‘Stop, be afraid’, the greater our encouragement to keep open and continue believing.

As above, so below.

Imagination, unknown, and manifestation, known, go hand in hand.  Humans are conduits for bringing what we can dream to life. AI is becoming a powerful manifesting tool. To be able to wield the full potential wonder of this tool called AI we must, as humans, expand the horizons of our minds. This is essential if we are to remain ahead of what we design rather than falling victim to what we have created. It requires us to look to the future and ask ourselves, ‘what are we designing that will end up designing us?’. We must become master chess players of what we create and destroy in this world we live in.

Awkwardness of navigating the unknown

Unknown is in the very large and the very small. Both can be overwhelming. Not knowing can be awkward. It makes us feel foolish, we are taught that it is right to know. The era of knowledge is on its way out, and the era of pioneering and imaginairing is here. It takes trust and faith of ourselves and each other to navigate these unknowns. There is a guarantee of failure, one can be assured of fields of landmines that will explode with surprise and delight. We need to become leaders of imaginary realms that can inspire others to co-create and recreate.

Imagination is freedom

Great people have changed the world from a prison cell. We choose, every moment, from which perspective we shall take a stand, we are limited only by our imagination. Virtual reality is really showing us how true this is. It is also showing us how we truly can live in a form of parallel universe and have very embodied experience of something not tangibly real (or is it?).

If we can view our minds as a virtual reality, allow ourselves to imagine exceptional things and embody the experience of these imaginations; it is quite likely they will come to life, here, now, in this world.

The Imaginarium is a confined space where we can dare to travel the universes of our minds and beings. It is a container of potentiality where the alchemy of transformation takes place.

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