Making a home.

Making a home.

The wilderness of the imagination can seem chaotic.

Possibilities rise like a flooding river after an massive thunderstorm, or disperse into empty deserts and becoming cracks of failures opening themselves into deep, dark crevasses. Chaos is simply a perspective. One can view the same situation from a point of order, always.

Sometimes chaos needs a home.

A home to nurture the wilderness until it starts to make sense.  Special people can create and hold these kind of spaces. One of them is Gina Mohale, the wonderful lady featured in the photo above. She is consistently wise, compassionate and tolerate. She has seen many things and built many businesses. Wherever she goes she creates and becomes family.

Gina and Nix met in 2010 and have been creating studios together since then; in Woodstock and now Muizenberg. These homes have been places that people moved through, on to the next phases of what they are doing. By simply turning up, one gains valuable personal insight, exposure and self confidence in what will become.

It is free of judgement.

Home is not a place of refuge from the world but rather a place where ideas that the world needs are nurtured. Idle musings and extravagant ponders not pruned or cut down unnecessarily for the conforms of safer grounds. People and ideas are given the space to become their truth and grow a passionate energy that will give them momentum to launch their next … thing.

Next time you feel great in a space, keep an eye out for somebody quietly moving things from one place to another in an apparent purpose. They are tilling the soil of space, making a home, to nurture the seeds of being and creation.

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