‘To we, from me’ by Chris Auret.

‘To we, from me’ by Chris Auret.

Chris Auret is a South African artist, maker and activator (paintings, murals, photographs, films, writings, sounds, spaces and more), currently residing in Muizenberg & the Garden Route.

To We, From Me, was an immersive art, music, movement, film & poetry experience by Chris Auret, in collaboration with Yanna Romano and the growing Muizenberg community.


During the period 1 July – 15 Oct, this experiment in creating space intended to explore co-creation, freedom of expression, acceptance and integrity in the spaces between the Me’s and the We’s. With these values at heart, we opened the doors to all those curious to step inside and get involved. The invitation: to participate mindfully in co-creating an art, sound, movement, and meditation hub where we could come together to commune creatively and inspire one another, culminating in an exhibition on 5 October – a celebration of every expression that this open space had borne.

For me, The Imaginarium played the role of a certain time and space to experiment and dream.


The sheer size of the 120 square meter floor meant I had to step up and challenge myself to thinking bigger. The position of the Imaginarium on the Main Road also meant I had to act responsibly, as I could be viewed so easily from the street. This enabled the community of Muizenberg to, unknowingly, hold me accountable for the things I was doing within the Imaginarium walls. It was an extremely collaborative arena to play.

It became my cocoon, where I entered a caterpillar and left a 111-winged butterfly, ready for my next journey in flight.

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